Sons of Chekka Club جمعية أبناء شكا

Sons of Chekka Club جمعية أبناء شكا


Chekka is an industrial coastal town in North Lebanon; about 65km north of the capital Beirut (approximate population is 17793). With a superb natural location, Chekka is an acclaimed beauty spot. It is located north of Râs ach-Chaq’a’ or Theoprosopon (The face of God) of classical times, and south of the ancient Phoenician port of Enfeh and the city of Tripoli.

Chekka is also an agriculture city and a center of tourist attraction. It has large public and private sand beaches and a wonderful view over the sea. The scenic seaside road of Ras ach-Chaq'a has some lovely views and there are great beaches nearby. The town is known for producing the best figs in Lebanon. It is home to some of the largest cement and paper factories in the eastern Mediterranean. Also, it is the headquarters of the second largest Lebanese poultry producer with a slaughter house, farms, hatcheries and feed mill plant located in it. Being there, you cannot forget the ancient process of extracting salt from the sea is still practiced in the region but without traditional wind powered water pumps.

Chekka is considered as the center for education for the neighboring area. With many public and private schools as well as Universities.

There are several sports teams present in Chekka such as The Chekka Soccer Club, Speed Ball volleyball club..,

Around 17,000 people are currently residing in Chekka many of which come originally from villages such as Tannourin, Aiin Ikrine, Zgharta and Bcharre. Also, Chekka has a rich Diasporas in the USA, Australia, Canada, Africa and the Gulf.