Sons of Chekka Club جمعية أبناء شكا

Sons of Chekka Club جمعية أبناء شكا

Sons of Chekka Club

The Sons of Chekka Club is a charitable, religious, educational, scientific, non-profit organization for the men and women of Lebanese heritage in the United States.

The Club missions include encouraging the spread of Lebanese culture in The United States, preserving Lebanese American traditions, culture, history and heritage, and promoting closer cultural relations between the United States and Lebanon.

The work started on the personal level; when Lebanese immigrants from Chekka use to meet on special religious and social occasions to celebrate their heritage. One of the most celebrated and remembered event is The Chekka Massacre (July 1976) where hundreds of civilians were brutally massacred for no reason other than being devoted Christian Lebanese. Each year, from the early 80s and on, every July 5th, a memorial Mass takes place. Later on, during the 80s, The Sarkis family in Boston started organizing a Lebanese cultural party where Lebanese and American friends bond together in a wonderful socio-cultural event. Dabkee, Lebanese food and songs were the major activities. People from all over the United States and Canada started attending these parties and a tradition took place.

During the early 90s, after the Lebanese Civil War ended, the urge to help needed families in Lebanon became more pressing. Fund raisings took places during the Lebanese social events in the Boston area. These fund raising were a great success in a way people were asking why not to make them more organized and permanent especially that a wave of young Lebanese men immigrated to the US between 1988 and 1993 making such events a huge gathering. The idea to start a Lebanese social club in Boston was born. The two major social events were joined in one: The Sarkis Family Party and the July 5th Memorial Mass. The club was given the name of “The Sons of Chekka Club” with its members are basically descendent from Chekka families in the US and Canada.

Today, the club still following the tradition. Every year, the first Saturday in July a memorial Mass followed by a fundraising party take place. The second day, a family picnic also will be organized. The Club funded many activities in Chekka, helps needed families, helps students with their school supplies, and offers financial assistance for social none profit organizations working with the needed people.

By Jihad A Daher